Here are a few tips when buying or selecting clothing for an elderly relative or friend

1. Measure them, as their size and shape alters in later life.

2. Select loose fiiting, easy to wear garments. various parts of the body swell intemittently and clothing should not cause constrictions.

3. Trousers and skirts should have elasticated waistbands. 

4. All clothing should be front or side fastening, and buttons should be large.

5. Bras should be front fastening and if possible they should be encouraged to wear a camisole instead of a bra.

6. Opt for cardigans over jumpers as arthritis restricts them lifting their arms above their heads.

7. They feel the cold, so please supply thermal vests and spencers.

8. Shoes - again please measure their feet especially the width, as their feet swell and their insteps collapse, so it is important to buy footwear with good support and non-slip soles.

9 .All clothing must be machine washable and please supply plenty of nickers as accidents will happen.

10. There is an amazing range of disposable pull-up incontinence pants available, They are better than nickers as they keep the skin dry. They are vat exempt if buying for an individual.

You can order toiletries and incontinence products from Allendale Care and we will deliver to your relative/friend in their home or Care Home.

Have a great day.